Friday, 14 October 2011

Wicked Closet !!!

one of my friends Wicked Resistance ( we are friends right cauz i dont wanna look like a freakin liar :P ) just released awesome .. awesome awesome *breath* AWESOME stuff lol (cheesy huh) lets start with her new mesh hoodies ! lets be honest here its my first mesh item and isnt bad .. really i think i might buy more meshy things even if i like more Phoenix lol 

The hoodies comes in 3 colors Gray - Red - White and they are mod/copy/no trans

Belt time now... First i was super surprised cauz it fitted me perfectly.. we all know that im a super lazy ass when its time for adjusting something >.< the belt is texture change so you can choose between 15 designs/textures for the belt and buckle .. isnt nice ? 
Belt is copy/no mod/no trans

Dont be shy and tp to Wicked Closet
im pretty sure you guys wont be disapointed

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